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E-Book: My 10 years of Dieting and Training in 1 Book (80+ Pages of Premium Content)
E-Book: My 10 years of Dieting and Training in 1 Book (80+ Pages of Premium Content)

E-Book: My 10 years of Dieting and Training in 1 Book (80+ Pages of Premium Content)

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 🍳🥤🌿 For those who want to eat properly and workout more effectively to achieve the DESIRED BODY, but do not want to:

❌: Spend months wandering around to figure out the right methods;

❌: Pay for expensive diets plans and workout programs, that actually never work;

❌: Go through monotonous and unhealthy diets, excluding their favorite foods;

❌: Spend hours in the gym or doing home workouts without any result;

❌: Give up and start over and over again.

You can get in your best shape by following my tried and tested methods and techniques.

🌟🌟🌟 Several reviews from people who have already read the book:

Dimitar: The book was very useful to me. It's easy to read, I learned a lot of new things and summarized the old ones I already knew, but were somehow shuffled in my head. It motivates me to continue to developing myself. Well done to the author, I highly recommend it! 

Nina: A book based on a great deal of experience and work that lead to great physical results if you have the patience to follow them. 

Georgi: The book is light, fast-read and there are many useful things I didn't know about and would use in the future. Thanks  :)

What does the eBook include?

✅: What can I eat to accelerate my fat burning and improve my health? (🍳 Foods, Drinks, Seasonings)

✅: What amounts of food should I take in order to loose weight?

✅: What amounts of food do I need in order to gain muscle mass?

✅: How do I calculate the optimal number of meals per day and at what time of the day should I take them?

✅: Tips for speeding up metabolism.

✅: What to eat before and what after workout?

✅: Actions and changes required when there are no results.

✅: How can I reduce the size of a specific part of the body, for example, the lower part?

✅: How can I train in a safer and more efficient way?

✅: Choose workouts at home or in the gym and feel good in your skin.

✅: Recommendations for cardio activities at home or in the gym.

✅: Recommendations for nutritional supplements.

Interesting fact: Over 95% of the people who start with fat burning or muscle gain journey are giving up their goal. The reason is the lack of an easy-to-understand plan to ensure that they are working in the right direction.

In the book you will learn how to maintain your motivation to reach your full potential and never lose hope that you can be the best version of yourself!

The best time to start your change is NOW!


✅ The best way to calculate the calories you need from a variety of food sources - 2 options

✅ The most appropriate and most inappropriate cheat meals

✅ Opportunity to train at home or in the gym - an option for men and an option for women

✅ 11 Major nutritional and workout mistakes that fail over 95% of people that start fitness journey

✅ All the motivation you need to not be part of the majority that is not achieving their goals

If we want to achieve something meaningful, then we need actions, not desires.

Start now and get results with the knowledge of Stanimir Mihov.

Over a decade of experience that will save you from wandering in the wrong direction and countless trials and errors in order to achieve your desired goal in a healthy and fast way without taking any more time than the necessary.

Value for over €140 and over 10 years of experience for only €14.

Get your copy at a lower price in the limited time.


Chapter # 1: About Me

Chapter # 2:11 nutritional and workout mistakes that fail over 95% of people that start fitness journey

 # 2-1: Mistake # 1: Number of meals per day and time of intake

 # 2-2: Mistake # 2: In order to reach the body you desire, you must starve yourself

 # 2-3: Mistake # 3: High intake of calories from fluids

 # 2-4: Mistake # 4: Eating too much healthy foods

 # 2-5: Mistake # 5: Satisfying your appetite with the wrong foods

 # 2-6: Mistake # 6: Weight loss and Muscle growth simultaneously

 # 2-7: Mistake # 7: Weight loss or Muscle growth too fast

 # 2-8: Mistake # 8: Trusting everyone's opinion

 # 2-9: Mistake # 9: Wrong workout split according your goal and level

 # 2-10: Mistake # 10: It's normal to have a "Reward" or "Cheat Meal" after all the efforts you have put in

 # 2-11: Mistake # 11: I will reach my goal and go back to my previous eating habits/ physical activity

Chapter # 3: Dieting and proper nutrition in order to achieve specific goal

 # 3-1: Basics of Nutrition and your Meal Plan

 # 3-2: Calculating calories

 # 3-3: Calculation of the required nutrients / macronutrients accorindg your goals

 # 3-4: Meal preparation

 # 3-5: Calories Tracking

 # 3-6: Optimal Time to eat your Meals and best Frequencies

 # 3-7: Speeding up your metabolism

 # 3-8: Flexible Diet (IIFYM)

 # 3-9: The importance role of Fibers

 # 3-10: Making your meals taste better the healthy way 

 # 3-11: Calories needed to maintain weight

 # 3-12: Gaining Muscle or Losing Fat as primary goal - how to choose?

 # 3-13: Cardio workout

 # 3-14: If you don’t want to keep a close eye on your calories

 # 3-15: Exemplary Meal plan

 # 3-16: Eating Out

 # 3-17: Cheat Meals and how to use them to improve your physique 

 # 3-18: Summary

Chapter # 4: Training

 # 4-1: 4 types of distribution

 # 4-2: Exemplary Training program (my recommendation according your level and goal, ways to warm up)

 # 4-3: Strength Training (exercises at the gym or at home, modifications for men and women)

 # 4-4: Additional guidelines and Frequently asked questions (weekly distribution, using appropriate weights, pace, breathing techniques, workout progress)

Chapter # 5: Nutritional/Dietary Supplements

 # 5-1: When the main goal is to burn fat

 # 5-2: When the main goal is to grow lean muscle

 # 5-3: Nutritional supplements to keep and improve your health and overall well-being 

 # 5-4: Conclusion 

Chapter # 6: Your turn


Questions or opinions? Post them in the comments, I will be happy to answer anything.